A New Friend / Tahrif Aryan Chowdhury

Once upon a time there were two friends. One’s name Jack and another’s name was Jaffy. They were two best friends. One day they planned to go for tracking. Then they started their journey by walking. The next day they came in a beautiful forest. Then Jaffy found a house where there was a fountain and a giant’s house. Jack knocked on the door and said, “Hello! Is there anybody in the house?” Then the two friends Entered in the house. The two Friends then noticed a big chicken-leg. Jaffy wanted to eat then and there but Jack stopped him and said, “Jaffy, be careful! Don’t eat this food, please! It could be poisonous and causes harm to you.” Then a giant man entered into the room to eat this

chicken-leg. That moment the two friends entered into a box to hide themselve. It was a safe hide-out. Then the two friends wanted to eat the chicken-leg. The two friends came out from the box and they saw that the giant man is crying. Jaffy came closer to the giant man and said, “what is the problem giant man?” The giant man said, “I have no friends.” Then Jaffy said, “Don’t worry. We will be your friend.” The giant man was very happy. Then the two friends said “What is your name giant?” The giant said, “My name is Momal.” Then the two Friends and the giant lived happily ever after.

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